Security and Money Management


  • Automatic Tellers Machine and Night Safes
  • Cash Dispenser e Cash In-Cash Out
  • Strong Boxes and strong rooms, Cabinets
  • Retail point automation


  • New and Used
  • Laboratory areas for hardware personalisation and configuration
  • Provision of tailor-made accessories
  • Mounting of accessories (Cash Stainer, Time delay, etc.)


  • Special Vehicles and Tools suitable to handle units of any size and weight
  • Delivery, Introduction and Positioning on stand


  • Planning of Roll-out projects
  • Coordination of different specialised operators


  • Turnkey Installation with "Site Preparation" capabilities
  • Enhanced Site Survey with photo service before preparation and CAD site project
  • Fixing to floor, wall and floating floor modification at
  • Special works by blacksmith, windows and doors manufacturer, bricklayer and glazier
  • Internal interventions on power wiring, data network and alarm system
  • Final photo service and work certification

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