The Information Systems

HTM has developed over time a Transport Management System personalized to the specific activities of technical distribution.

  • Shipments can contain the detailed packing list with product code, description and quantity of each order line
  • The serial number of the equipment can be trace over time to recover the history of all movements made
  • Tens of thousands of destination addresses recorded in TMS with attached operating notes that help to be proactive in preparing the activities.
  • Certification Form are personalized and integrated within transport documentation
  • Flexible ways of interfacing with customers for the information flows, way and return

All HTM branches are connected to the central server for constant and immediate update of the status of shipments.

Main branches have a Warehouse Management System to support logistics activities, including all necessary features to give the Customer flexible and personalized answer to variables needs:

  • Tracking of Cross-docking flows with multiple distribution channel according to recipients typology and service required on-site
  • All major storage modalities are supported together with the related inbound and outbound flows
  • Value added activities, such as kitting and equipment configuration, are also supported
  • Storage operations are managed through barcode scan devices and Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • ample possibilities to interface with Customer systems

HTM Customers can Track & Trace the status of their services by means of a tool designed for the scope. The access is web based access to the HTM Portal and regulated by Usder ID and Password.

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