Working with HTM

Managing the Services

  • Activation of service orders can be made by Customer by sending individual orders (via e-mail or fax) or by sending structured files containing multiple service orders
  • Each order generate the emission of an HTM delivery note (LDV) which allows service traceability from the pick-up to final delivery.
    The LDV can contain all relevant information necessary to manage the service, including products detailed list when supplied by the customer.
  • If specifically requested by the customer, the LDV can also be used as a fiscal transport document (DDT), containing all the relevant features
  • To manage the certification of the services performed, HTM is prepared to generate and handle personalized Delivery or Installation Forms.
  • HTM is able to provide advanced solutions of document management on behalf of the customer, reducing the activities on paper documents.
  • The service planning is carefully conducted through a telephone contact hotline (Tel Check) with the person mentioned in the service order; such contact is aimed to check in advance any difficulty to position the products and to avoid emerging costs in case of impossibility to complete the activity.
    If the situation requires, before the delivery a site survey can be performed in order verify the difficulties and decide which tools and resources will be necessary for the proper and safe performance.

Customer Care

  • Since the first implementation of the contract, each customer is given a person as primary reference for all daily necessities; usually a back-up person is also added and a manger is always appointed for escalation needs.
  • HTM is recognized by its customers for the ability of people to operate with a proactive approach and the capacity to promptly react to emergency situations that may still occur.
  • In case of Non Conformities, when it is required an urgent involvement of the customer, the HTM system automatically produces a standard communication sent by e-mail.
  • All HTM Customers have the ability to directly monitor the development of its orders through a dedicated access to the HTM Portal - Web Services

The Web Portal and On-Line Services

  • To access the on-line tracking service, HTM provides to customers personalized User ID and Password.
  • SERVICES ENQUIRY - Allows to check the progress of services; A series of filters enable to get and track a single service order such as multiple service orders with the same characteristic (eg, progress status).
    It's 'possible to display a summary information for each service as well as access into a detailed window to see more information. The portal also allows you to activate, with a simple click, an e-mail to request additional information or give instructions concerning a specific service.
  • SERVICE REQUEST - Used to transmit an order to HTM by filling out a standard form for entering the necessary information.




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