Certifications, Security and Safety

All HTM Companies are certified against ISO 9001:2008 standards:

  • Aesse - Certificate n. 1252 CISQ/CERTIQUALITY
  • Rosati - Certificate n. 3591 CISQ/CERTIQUALITY
  • Valle - Certificate n. 2639 CISQ/CERTIQUALITY


The HTM network is fully compliant with the legislation for health and safety in working environments (TESTO UNICO SICUREZZA E SALUTE SUL LAVORO -DECRETO LEGISLATIVO 9/4/2008, N. 81).
Beyond the important formal aspects, in HTM the attention to safety during operational activities is a top priority.
Strong attention and qualified resources are dedicated to safety.

All personnel is constantly trained to manage in safe all steps of operational:

  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for vehicles and handling tools
  • use of personal protection equipment
  • site survey to investigate all possible difficulties to position the products
  • drawing of a Operational Safety Plan, when required
  • detailed preparation of the activities with crews
  • delimitations of work areas to avoid interferences
  • Selection and proper use of handling equipment


HTM believes deeply in the need to maintain ethical behavior and long-term relationships with its customers and its employees and partners.


All HTM group companies are engaged to look for solutions that reduce the environmental impact of their activities.
Vehicles are frequently updated to keep the fleet aligned with European standards in terms of carbon impact.
All HTM platforms are:

  • eternit free
  • equipped with electrical cogeneration plants
  • producers of photovoltaic energy
  • organized to separate different waste categories

UNI EN ISO 14001 Environment Certification

HTM platform are in the process of being certified under UNI EN ISO14001 standards

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